Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Tooth Fairy: Round 2

When you don't talk to your kids about the important issues, such as the Tooth Fairy, then someone else will.  Someone really convoluted according to the conversation I had with my daughter.

TinaToothLoser: I have to wiggle my tooth, so it comes out.
Awesomeness: What happens when your tooth comes out?
TinaToothLoser: Well, first you wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.  And then your tooth comes out.  Then you put  the tooth under your pillow.  And then the Tooth Fairy comes.  She leaves you a prize.

Aha!  "A prize."  Some generic trinket.  If I'm not expected to give her cash, then hell, I'll just pick up a bunch of cheap crappy toys and be done with it.  I'm super lucky.....

.....I wonder what she means by "prize."  I'm lucky, but I'm also super lazy, so if she can just tell me what she wants, then I'll be set.

Awesomeness: What does the Tooth Fairy bring you for a prize?
TinaToothLoser: Um.  Well.  A pack of sheep.


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