Sunday, March 28, 2010

What The What?

We bought the kids some foam bathtub letters so we can work with LucyLetterLearner on her colors and letters.  Now we're working on her letter sounds.  Our conversation starts out:

Awesomeness: What letter does your name start with *Lucy?
LucyLetterLearner: A P! 
Awesomeness: No....your name's not *Pucy is it?
LucyLetterLearner: Naaaaaw!  My name not *Pucy
Awesomeness: What letter does your brother's name start with?
LucyLetterLearner: Brother no start with letter.  Brother name is Master.
Awesomeness: ?! Master?  You call your brother Master?
LucyLetterLearner: Yeah, he's a MasterBaby.
Awesomeness: He's a MasterBaby? What does a MasterBaby do?
LucyLetterLearner: He chases the Birthday Cat.
Awesomeness: ....

This was kind of a freaky Children of the Corn moment for me.  I'm glad Mr. A came in at around this time.  I didn't really want to be outnumbered.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bathtime Fun

Awesomeness: C'mon kids! It's bathtime.

BathBubbleBoy eagerly jumps into the tub and -- for whatever reason -- begins to do something that looks like Riverdancing.

GreasyGrimyGirl whines and runs out of the room.  I finally coax her back in and force lovingly persuade her into the tub.

Awesomeness:  Wow, kiddo.  You're dirty and smelly.
GreasyGrimyGirl: Naaaaaaaaw! I no smelly and dirty.
Awesomeness:  Yeah, I think that's you.  It's hard to tell with your brother in the tub and your Dada in the other room, but I think you stink.
GreasyGrimyGirl: Naaaaaaaaw!  I no stink.
Awesomeness: Well, now you don't.  You're all clean.
GreasyGrimyGirl: Naaaaaaaaw!  I no clean.  I dirty and stinky.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 294

We're still under attack by the Legion of Doom.  This army of supervirus friends is just too strong.

They're also playing dirty.  They like to trick us into thinking that they've gone away completely and then a couple of days later comes the vomiting, the coughing, the ear infection, the fever, weird rashes, you name it.

But no mutation-related superpowers.  Huh.  I feel ripped off.