Sunday, August 22, 2010

Catching Up

I'm just feeling all stuck up from winning the Worst Mom In The Universe award or something.  Two things have happened over the course of the last couple of weeks that I've almost completely neglected to write about:

1. Happy 2nd Birthday to Count Crybaby

I know I mentioned it in passing in another post, but I thought it was worth it's own announcement.  The day was fun.  We went grocery shopping and almost forgot to pick up a cake.  Ugh, I suck at this.

2. First Day of Preschool for Count Crybaby

The very first chance we got, we enrolled him in preschool.  He is still really excited to get dressed and leave the house.  So far he hasn't cried when we've dropped him off and his teachers are still gushing over what a cute little boy he is, so it all seems to be going well.  We'll see how they feel when he has one of his super-whiny, clingy days.

I should be expecting a call...

Yeah...the backpack vest-thing was not our first choice, but we couldn't find any other little backpack for him.  He seems to like running around in it though, so maybe it's a keeper.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Laws Of Ownership

Over the weekend, BillyBirthdayBoy amassed himself a good little stockpile of brand new toys.  I don't know how other families work, but the boundaries of "ownership" in our house are a little fuzzy.  Whenever we get toys, we try to keep both of our kids in mind, as they both end up equally claiming everything.

I thought maybe TashaToySnatcher was old enough to start grasping the concept of personal possessions, so we were working on the "these toys belong to Billy" lessons.  Yesterday morning, we were playing with some of the toys before her brother woke up. Apparently, she knows something I don't though, as per this conversation:

TashaToySnatcher: Oh, boy!  I love my new fire engine Mama!!
Awesomeness: BillyBirthdayBoy got those yesterday for his birthday; they belong to him.
TashaToySnatcher: *Looks down at the toy in her hand and thinks for a minute.* No, Mama.  This toy no brother's.  He's sleeping.

The lesson: Ownership begins and ends with consciousness.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Birthday Tree

Today is Count Crybaby's second birthday.  I asked his sister what she wanted to do to celebrate.  Her answers:

We sing "Happy Birthday".  We hab presents.  And we put the presents unner the tree!
A tree?

Yeah, we put brudder's presents unner the tree!

Anyone know where I can pick up a birthday tree? 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Smells Like Kid Spirit

The kids woke up while I was getting ready for work.  I was already running late, so I brought them into my bedroom with me and just let them play around.  They love to bounce on my bed and were keeping each other company.  It was going great, until I hear:

SoniaSnifferson: Mama, you smell sumpin?
Awesomeness: ....Nooooooo....what do you smell?
SoniaSnifferson: It smell like danger.
Awesomeness: ......   ?   Did you say danger?
SoniaSnifferson: Yeah, it smell like danger.

I turned my head to ask her what she's talking about and see my son dangling off the edge of my bed.  I'm not too alarmed since his feet are only 6 inches off the ground, but little Sonia felt that she needed to sound the alarm.

Another crisis averted thanks to my danger-sniffing daughter.