Friday, July 8, 2011

The Cutes

After almost a year in speech therapy, BobbyBlabberMouth is finally starting to open up and use his words to tell us what he needs.  A year ago, he wouldn't say anything or even try to communicate with us non-verbally, so this is amazing for us.  We finally know what our little boy wants.

He wants juice.

Lots and lots and lots of juice.

All day long, I'm pouring this kid juice.

He drinks so much of the stuff that I've had to start watering it down to a 75/25 water to juice ratio.

His pronunciation of the word 'juice' has been something of a small matter of contention between his father and me.  Instead of 'juice' he says 'cutes'.  I don't know why 'cutes', but it's friggin' adorable.  I have a hard time correcting his word.

Awwww, cutes!

Then SallyScientist gave me a logical excuse to keep calling it cutes:

Bobby: I wanch cutes!
Awesomeness: Aw, buddy, you need cutes? (Please don't tell on me.)
Bobby: Yeah! Cutes!!
Awesomeness: Come get your cutes, bud.
Sally: It's water and juice.  Water and juice makes 'cutes.'

Yes.  Yes it does.  Good call, kid.


keri said...

Well Awesomeness.. there you are. I moved to WordPress and you got pissed at Blogger/Chrome around the same time. Since this is the latest post I see out of you, I'm commenting here in hopes you'll check in soon and find it.

Re: your issue w/blogger. they are a bunch of assholes over there which is why I've moved two of my 3 blogs to wordpress. Now I'm having a love affair with wordpress, but it took me a long time to get used to it. Anytime you have a tech issue at blogger, they ask you if you're using chrome which is their way of cramming it down your throat. then they still don't fix the problem. they bite.. if i didn't know my nasty comments to them would be all over the internet, I'd write and curse them out.

I miss your entries re: the office. and now I'm up for a position full time. I haven't worked full time, 8 to 5 for about 6 years, so my body should be rejecting parts around mid week the first week. That is if I get the job. So far they've done a background check, credit check, and former employer check. Now they're asking for body fluids and breath analysis. What the fuck, over? Are they serious? It infuriates me to no end. It's not like I'll be flying an airplane or procuring government secrets,... it's just a lowly mid mgmt position with NO FUCKING PAY to speak of. I'm so old and have been so anti establishment for so many years.. it's like I'm going back in time but without the sex.

Urinated for them on Friday morning and still no answer, so hey maybe they don't like my pee, who knows.

Thinking of you. Keri

Awesomeness said...

Hey Keri! Thanks for catching up with me. I'm so glad that you've finally gotten a bite on a full time job. You'll get used to the schedule soon enough.

I haven't just been having issues with Blogger, time has also been getting away from me.

We made a decision to start homeschooling my daughter. It takes most of my free time to put lessons together and implementing them takes the rest of it.

I'm hoping that I can figure out a better balance at some point, but for now I can't seem to find 2 brain cells to rub together.

Take care and good luck!!